Nicky Hayden finished the first MotoGP test of 2011 as the leading Ducati rider after three days at Sepang, but was held back by chatter problems with the GP11 and - although just 0.777sec from the top - was only eighth on the timesheet.

"Things didn't always go smooth, as you'd expect, over the three days, but overall we went faster each day and certainly reduced the gap to the front a lot," began Nicky.

"We've still got a lot of work to do, we realise that, but leave here somewhat positive. Not thrilled or anything. But things are working in a good way and now the team has chance to go back, check the data and come back with something better.

"We had a lot of chatter in the fast corners. So we spent a lot of time trying to get rid of that and not really testing parts and evaluating stuff for the season.

"We hope that's related to the track and not the GP11, because even last year - at the first test - we had a lot of chatter here. This track is the worst for me for chatter. But this time it even seemed a bit worse. We reduced it a bit but we are far from curing it."

The good news for Hayden is that team-mate Valentino Rossi - who spoke to the press after the American - did find a fix for the chatter during the final day and that solution will surely be tried by Hayden at the second Sepang test.

The flow of ideas goes both ways, with Hayden revealing that Rossi had opted to use his Sepang set-up as a starting point for the test - rather than Casey Stoner's.

"I think he started with my bike here, compared with what he rode at Valencia," said the 2006 world champion. "He started more with my general set-up, whereas at Valencia he rode with Casey's.

"We didn't have dinner together or text back and forth [laughs] but we chatted a bit during the test. Just trying to do our job," he added.

Vibrations may have overshadowed the test for Hayden, but he did make progress in other areas.

"The new wheelie controlled is improved," he said. "It's not something that was a big help here, because it's such a big, open track, but I look forward to trying it at Laguna or Sachsenring."

There was also a clear 'winner' in an aerodynamic test.

"I tried the big fairing, but I prefer the small fairing, just as I had in Valencia," he said. "In change of direction it's lighter and it doesn't make a big difference in top speed or fuel consumption. So I'll probably stick with that.

"We might try the wings [on the fairing] again at a track where wheelies are a problem, but for me the wings don't do a whole lot."

The second Sepang test takes place from February 22-24.



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