Nico Terol's bid to go one better in 2011 and win the 125GP World Championship got off to a good start during testing at Valencia as he claimed the fastest at the end of the opening day alongside Sandro Cortese.

The pair shared the top spot on the 'unofficial' timesheets after both being credited with a best lap of 1min 41.0secs.

While Terol is tipped as a title contender this season after finishing second to Marc Marquez in 2010, German racer Cortese suggested he will be a reckoned force too as he posted some impressive times on the Racing Team Germany Honda.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the test was rookie rider Maverick Vinales, who was just two tenths slower than the leaders and quicker than more experienced team-mate Sergio Gadea. The pair enter this year aboard the distinctive Paris Hilton-endorsed PEV Aprilia.

Miguel Oliveira - second to Vinales in the Spanish championship last year - posted an identical time of 1min 41.8secs to place him ahead of Hector Faubel and Alberto Moncayo. Next up, Johan Zarco led a quartet of Ajo Derbi's ahead of Danny Kent, Efren Vazquez and Jonas Folger.

Elsewhere, ambitious Indian company Mahindra made its track debut with Marcel Schrotter and Danny Webb, the pair 3.8secs and 4.6secs off the pace respectively.

Unofficial lap times supplied by teams (not all riders taking part in test included)

Sandro Cortese Racing Team Germany Honda 1m 41.0secsNico Terol Aspar Aprilia 1m 41.0secsMaverick Vinales PEV-Blusens-SMX-Paris Hilton Aprilia 1m 41.2secsSergio Gadea PEV-Blusens-SMX-Paris Hilton Aprilia 1m 41.8secsMiguel Oliveira Andalucia Cajasol Aprilia 1m 41.8secsHector Faubel Aspar Aprilia 1m 42.0secsAlberto Moncayo Andalucia Cajasol Aprilia 1m 42.3secsJohan Zarco Ajo Derbi 1m 42.5secsDanny Kent Red Bull Ajo Derbi 1m 42.7secsEfren Vazquez Ajo Derbi 1m 43.0secsJonas Folger Red Bull Ajo Derbi 1m 43.1secsOno Hiroki Caretta KTM 1m 44.0secsTaylor Mackenzie Worldwide Race Aprilia 1m 44.8secsMarcel Schrotter Mahindra Racing 1m 44.8secsSimone Grotzkyj Worldwide Race Aprilia 1m 45.0secsDanny Webb Mahindra Racing 1m 45.6secsDaniel Kartheininger Caretta KTM 1m 46.0secsGiulian Pedone Worldwide Race Aprilia 1m 46.5secs



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