Cal Crutchlow feared food poisoning would force him to return to the UK without completing a lap at the second Sepang test, which started on Tuesday.

The MotoGP rookie got sick on the first stage of his flight over to Malaysia, but braved both the illness and withering Sepang heat to complete 36 day one laps, the least of any race rider.

"I got food poisoning on the first part of the flight over here and was spewing during the second flight," Crutchlow told just before leaving the track.

"Then I was in hospital for four hours after I got here and I haven't been able to eat or sleep much. At one stage I thought I might have to go back home. They've had me on an intravenous drip today due to the 40-degree heat."

Despite his physical condition Crutchlow almost equaled his best lap time from the first test, but was left frustrated by two falls from his Monster Yamaha Tech 3 machine.

"All my crashes have come from losing the front," said Cal, who finished the day 15th out of the 20 riders present. "My riding position is about 5cm different to the others, due to my shorter arms the handlebars are further back, and that seems to be the cause.

"Colin [Edwards] went on my bike before lunch, to try my set-up, which has the same front-fork offset as Jorge and Ben - Colin has his own set-up - and he couldn't get under 2min 3.5sec with it [Crutchlow's best today was a 2min 2.936sec].

"He said what I've said, which is that I can't stop the bike early enough under braking, and then I'm using too much brake into the corners and that's causing the crashes. Also the front feels generally too high.

"We're going to make some changes tomorrow to try and sort it."

Crutchlow is recovering from similar shoulder surgery to Valentino Rossi and, although far from perfect, it was the least of his worries on day one.

"The shoulder is ok, although I'm going to get some injections for it when I go back to the UK as I can't get the swelling to go down," said the Englishman.

Crutchlow's team-mate Colin Edwards was fourth fastest. The second Sepang test continues on Wednesday and Thursday.



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