New Repsol Honda rider Casey Stoner began the second Sepang MotoGP test just as he had the first - on top of the timesheets.

With no new parts being introduced by HRC for the second of the three pre-season tests, Stoner got down to the business of tuning the set-up of his factory RC212V on Tuesday.

The 2007 world champion finished the day as the only rider to break the 2min 1sec barrier, with a lap time 0.373sec faster than team-mate Dani Pedrosa.

That lap, which was only 0.230sec slower than the best time by Marco Simoncelli at the first Sepang test earlier this month, was set late in the day on a soft tyre.

However, when asked by about how much more potential was available through set-up alone, Stoner revealed that he had been almost as fast on the harder tyre during the hottest part of the day.

"The set-up today, I mean we were able to run some lap times I was really happy with," said Stoner. "I expected everyone else to be quite a lot faster. We ran what would still have been the fastest lap time of the day with a hard tyre, in 56-degrees track temperature, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

"I was really impressed by that. Last time we couldn't even get the hard tyres to work and this time we could run more or less the same as with the softer ones. I did my best lap at the end on the softer tyre, but in the middle of the day when we had the hard tyre it was really impressive."

What did you change to make the hard tyre work?

"We changed the weight distribution towards that tyre," replied the Australian. "Basically we weren't getting enough weight on the hard tyre at the last test. So it really wasn't working. We couldn't get any grip out of it. This test we put a bit more weight on the rear. We're having a few wheelie problems but not bad."

Despite being consistently fast throughout winter testing, Stoner is yet to make a decision on which of the two 2011 RCV chassis options he prefers.

The difficultly is that, while each chassis has different strengths and weakness, they are proving almost identical in terms of lap time.

"We're still comparing chassis and trying to get an understanding between the two," said Stoner. "They have strong and weak points and there's no way to pick between them. They both run the exact same lap times on the exact same tyres.

"It's a little frustrating that we can't choose one or the other, but it's not our biggest problem. No matter what sort of setting we throw at them we seem to run similar lap times.

"We tried changing body position a little today and that worked with one of the chassis. We've got some more experimenting to do tomorrow."

Stoner said it would be possible to have both chassis' available during the season and select whichever worked best at each circuit, but he'd prefer to stick with one and hopes to make a decision as soon as possible.

"[Using both] is something we did a couple of years ago at Ducati, with the carbon and aluminium swingarm," said Stoner. "Because one was too stiff, one was too soft. It was a similar situation to now where one chassis had better edge grip, one had better traction.

"We ran both quite a lot that year, but we want to take that out of the equation [this year]. It's not the end of the world if we have to, but we really want to have both chassis' exactly the same and if we can somehow combine the strong points of each that'll be the one we chose."

One area that Stoner didn't work on was the rear-wheel 'hopping' under braking.

"We've got no new parts for that [the engine braking]. In these last two weeks they weren't able to come up with something new, so we've basically just left it as it was at the end of the last test," he explained.

"We still definitely need to make improvements with that, but it's something we're not concentrating on as we did everything [we could] at the last test."

The third Repsol Honda rider, Andrea Dovizioso, was fifth fastest.



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