Valentino Rossi's race debut with Ducati may be just around the corner, but 'the Doctor' is already plotting his future, suggesting he will end his MotoGP career at the manufacturer before pursing a retirement in Superbikes.

The Italian has been casually linked to Superbikes over the years, but often never anything more than a one-off outing to compare himself with the series' alumni.

However, while those plans have never come to fruition, Rossi is not discounting the idea of Superbikes, even going as far as admitting he will bring his motorcycling career to a close in the WSBK series, most likely with Ducati.

Indeed, having hinted as much during Ducati's send-off party, as well as having further speculation piled on through comments made by his friend Alessio Salucci this week, the man himself gives a more definite declaration during an interview with talk show host Piero Chiambretti that the twilight of his career could be spent on production race bikes - before possibly taking on a more mundane profession...

"I hope to stay for several years in MotoGP and then I will spend my retirement in Superbikes, which is a bit like Series B of MotoGP, because it is entertaining. When I was 17, I dreamt of opening a kiosk and maybe I will do that when I have finished racing."

Rossi's future has been the subject of much discussion over the years, particularly in regards to Formula 1 and rallying, but the likelihood of a Superbike move is seemingly gathering some credence.

Naturally, Rossi's declaration will no doubt split fans' opinions.

As such, we want to know what you think about Rossi's mapped future - do you think he should end his career in Superbikes? Does he need to go to Superbikes to prove he is the greatest motorcycle rider of all-time? And if he does, how do you think he would fare on a Superbike?

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