Monster Yamaha Tech 3 kicked off the European phase of the 2011 MotoGP World Championship with Colin Edwards and Cal Crutchlow tenth and 15th on the opening day of practice.

Edwards was once again the leading satellite-bike rider in eighth position this morning, but also one of ten riders to lap slower in the hot and windy afternoon session.

The Texan revealed that whilst he had found a set-up that was faster over one lap, it is too inconsistent to use in the race.

"We tried a bit of an experimental set-up with one bike we thought would work to help with the turning performance, but it didn't quite give us the result we were anticipating," he said.

"It worked in some areas but it created some other issues, so we'll go back to more of a similar set-up to what we ran in Qatar for tomorrow and we know that works. I was actually faster using the different setting, but I just don't feel I can run that pace consistently over a race distance.

"What made it really difficult today was the wind. It was really gusting hard in some places, so you just had to be pretty careful because it was easy to get caught out. You just had to pay attention and get a feel for which way the wind was blowing because at least it was consistent in one direction."

Rookie team-mate Crutchlow was one of the seven riders to improve in the afternoon. The Englishman was 14th in that session but 15th on combined times, 2.3sec from Casey Stoner.

"I felt like I learned the circuit pretty quickly and I was happy with my performance this morning. But this afternoon I didn't really make the improvement I was looking for and that was a lot to do with the track temperature being much higher," he said.

"You only have to look at the times of the fast guys to see the hotter conditions made it hard because nobody in the top seven was faster this afternoon. I was a little bit quicker, so I've improved and gained some time, but I needed to make a bigger jump than I did.

"With the track temperature a lot higher it made the bike feel quite a bit different compared to this morning. I'm sure I can improve the front-end feel because the wind was so strong it was blowing me off line.

"The front needs to be more planted so we've got some ideas to improve tomorrow. Considering my lack of experience at this track, I'm satisfied because the times are pretty close and I know we can improve."



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