MotoGP's new Director of Technology, Corrado Cecchinelli, believes Moto3 - which will replace the 125cc World Championship from 2012 - will offer clear benefits in several key areas.

In an interview with the official MotoGP website, Cecchinelli explained the purpose for the change to 250cc four-strokes:

"The main reason for this [Moto3] concept is having something more in line with the present times, because for the majority in the real world, nobody is interested in two-stroke engines. They are rarely used now.

"The second thing is that we believe with the number of limits in the regulations, it will be a very cheap bike and engine to make, buy and maintain for the race, therefore this should open the doors to more riders and ensure fairer racing.

"I think it will bring a better and more modern image to the sport, but more than that, it will become in line with the following categories. It will be more suitable to become the first step for a rider/team from the base level to MotoGP racing."

It has been suggested that Moto3 engines will basically be lightly-modified 250cc Motocross engines. Cecchinelli contends that the powerplants will be 'prototypes'.

"The engine will be a prototype engine and it will be 250cc. It will be a single [cylinder], fuel injected and it will contribute to saving costs and improving reliability," he said.

"The [weight of the] machine will be considered together with the rider, as in the present 125cc series... the advantage for very light riders will be reduced, as well as the disadvantage for heavier riders.

"There will be many more engines in the race compared to the present 125cc category, as we'll have many different brands which will be interesting for the fans."

The switch away from two-stroke technology in motorcycle grand prix began in 2002, when the premier 500cc class switched to 990cc four-strokes and became known as MotoGP.

250cc then morphed into Moto2 (600cc four-strokes) for the start of 2010. Moto2 is presently restricted to a single-engine supplier (Honda), something that is expected to change in the future.

Several manufacturers have expressed an interest in Moto3, including Honda (pictured) and KTM.



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