There is no quick fix, in terms of changes to the MotoGP wet-tyre rules, to meet the types of track conditions seen during the Spanish Grand Prix.

That was the general consensus among the Jerez top three - Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden.

Round two of the 2011 world championship took place on a drying track, but with intermittent rain throughout the race preventing a clear dry line developing, which could have triggered a bike-swap to slicks.

The present MotoGP rules only allow one wet-tyre compound at each event, and for Jerez Bridgestone selected its soft option, which became badly worn by the end of the incident-packed race.

Afterwards, the podium riders were asked if having a second wet tyre option available would have helped.

"I think it depends on the bike, some bikes save the tyre more than others, and also the way you ride," said race winner Lorenzo. "If you are smooth you can save more tyre.

"Today has been difficult because the track was not completely wet, so the tyre dropped much more than usual. But I don't think it is a problem. Everyone has the same tyre so we have to work with it."

Runner-up Pedrosa also had no major complaints but, of the three, he was most in favour of a rule change.

"With this tyre rule we only have one wet tyre," began the Repsol Honda rider. "It can be soft or it can be medium depending on Bridgestone's choice.

"In some situations like today, the tyre can be too soft, but there have been other situations in the past where it has been the opposite - where the tyres were medium and we couldn't open the throttle and we were crashing.

"The ideal would be to have two wet tyre choices... [But] I think [the rules] are pretty fixed. We asked in the past and they said 'no'. Maybe they will consider it again. It could be good."

Hayden, who took Ducati's first podium of the year, emphasised that he doesn't want the 'freak' Jerez conditions to trigger a knee-jerk reaction from Bridgestone.

"I don't want to complain too much, because I don't want them to bring harder tyres," said the American. "It's easy to make a radical change after today. But these conditions - not only was it hardly wet, it was really warm and this pavement is really abrasive.

"So I'm like Dani. I'd rather have the tyre too soft than too hard. Obviously, if we had two choices, it would be nice sometimes.

"But when it's the same for everybody, I think in most circumstances we can manage with one option. I do like dual-compound rain tyres though. I think we should have them almost every time, because that's way better."

Two types of slick tyre compound - a softer and harder option - are available for the front and rear tyres at each MotoGP event.



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