Bridgestone supplied every rider present for Monday's official MotoGP test with one new front slick and two new specs of rear slick, in addition to the normal test allocation.

Whilst the Estoril test was with the current 800cc MotoGP machines, the new tyre specifications are not expected to be raced until 2012, the first year of 1000cc competition.

All 15 riders present made time in their test schedules to use the new tyres and some were so impressed that they hope Bridgestone will choose to supply them at races later this season.

As well as a wide operating temperature range, the new tyres have the added objective of improved feedback and rideability.

"We brought one new front tyre and two new rear tyres for testing today as we continue preparing for the new engine regulations next year," confirmed Bridgestone's Tohru Ubukata.

"I must thank all teams and riders for their support today in taking the time to test our tyres and provide to us very valuable data, in particular Casey [Stoner] who despite still suffering from back pain dedicated his afternoon's running to tyre testing.

"Rider feedback was good, especially for the new rear tyres, so I can say we have identified the direction of tyre development for the next test and preparation for the 1000cc era is going well."



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