The FIM has announced that eleven teams, representing a potential 16 riders, have progressed forward to the next stage of selection to join the 2012 MotoGP grid.

The selection process is only for new entries, and is not required for the present ten MotoGP teams (fielding 17 riders).

The 2012 World Championship will see the premier-class divided into two divisions, with privateer 'Claiming Rule Teams' able to take advantage of concessions in terms of fuel (24 litres instead of 21) and engine changes (12 instead of 6) relative to teams running factory bikes.

It is assumed that the majority of the new teams are pitching as a CRT, although any new manufacturer(s) would also receive some technical assistance in the form of extra engine changes (nine per season).

All will be revealed when a list of the accepted teams is published after the Catalan race on June 5.

The full statement can be seen below.

'On 30 April 2011, the FIM announced that 13 teams containing 21 riders, not currently participating in the MotoGP class, had been provided with terms and conditions for participation in 2012.

'Those teams were invited to confirm their interest and submit comprehensive details of their plans for participation to IRTA. The deadline was Saturday, 14 May.

'During the Le Mans event the applications were reviewed by IRTA and Dorna. Eleven teams comprising 16 riders have now been invited to participate in the next stage of selection.

'These teams have until Friday 3 June, to lodge a security deposit with IRTA.

'At the Catalunya Grand Prix Dorna and IRTA will decide which teams will then be offered a contract of participation for 2012.

'Teams applying to participate in the CRT category will also need to have their application approved by the Grand Prix Commission members.

'Following the Catalunya Grand Prix a list of accepted teams will be published.'



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