Perhaps in anticipation of his meeting with Race Direction at Catalunya this weekend - to 'further discuss' his collision with Dani Pedrosa at Le Mans - Marco Simoncelli appears to have admitted he was at fault and pledged to be 'a little more cautious' in future.

Simoncelli received a ride-through penalty after tangling with Pedrosa as they battled for second place in the French MotoGP.

Pedrosa fell from his Repsol Honda after Simoncelli turned across in front of him on entry to the Esses at the end of the back straight, breaking his collarbone. Simoncelli continued, but dropped to fifth after his penalty.

San Carlo Honda Gresini rider Simoncelli felt he had given Pedrosa room to make the turn, and that the penalty had been "a result of all the talk over the past few days" - referring to the criticism he had received, from world champion Jorge Lorenzo in particular, for his aggressive style.

Opinion remains divided over whether Simoncelli should have been punished, but the man himself now concedes he did some things 'wrong' and will exercise more caution in future.

Some are sure to question whether this is what Simoncelli really feels - or is designed to appease Race Direction, HRC and the Pedrosa-friendly Catalunya fans.

"I have had time over the two-week break to think about the race at Le Mans," Simoncelli is quoted as saying in the Gresini team's Catalunya preview.

"I am still disappointed with what happened to Dani and I hope that he has recovered from his injury in time for this weekend. I am also disappointed because Honda were unable to celebrate having four bikes in the top four positions at the French Grand Prix.

"Overall on reflection I have realised where I have gone wrong and in the future I will try at certain times to evaluate the situation better and be a little more cautious.

"I know that I'm probably not going to get a standing ovation at Barcelona but I hope that if I am criticised it is done in a civilised manner and not in the way that has happened in other sports in the past.

"In any case I just want to put the controversy behind me and get out there on my bike and start working towards a race that I am sure the team and I have the potential to do well in."

After undergoing surgery, 2010 title runner-up and 2011 race winner Pedrosa looks set to try and ride in front of his home fans this weekend.



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