As previously reported, Marco Simoncelli was summoned by MotoGP Race Direction to 'further discuss' his clash with Dani Pedrosa at the previous French Grand Prix.

That meeting took place today (Thursday) on the eve of the Catalan Grand Prix.

Afterwards, Race Direction released the following statement describing what took place:

"The Race Direction composed of Paul Butler, Race Director and IRTA representative, Claude Danis, FIM representative, Javier Alonso, Dorna representative, and Franco Uncini, IRTA Riders Safety delegate today met with San Carlo Honda Gresini rider Marco Simoncelli. Also present was San Carlo Honda Gresini Team Principal Fausto Gresini.

"The purpose of the meeting was to give all the parties the opportunity to discuss the incident at the French MotoGP in Le Mans that resulted in Marco Simoncelli being penalised with a ride through penalty and to draw a line under it.

"The Race Direction informed Simoncelli that they wished to ensure that he was aware of his mistake and to avoid any repetition in the future. Simoncelli responded that in the interval after the French Grand Prix he had had time for reflection and regretted the statements he had made in the heat of the moment immediately after the Grand Prix. He also recognized that he had made an error of judgment and stated that in future he would try to evaluate situations better and be a little more cautious."

The Le Mans incident came at a bad time for both Simoncelli and Race Direction.

Simoncelli was already facing accusations of dangerous riding by some of his competitors - which he felt influenced the penalty decision - while Race Director Paul Butler had recently described MotoGP as a 'contact sport', a phrase which appeared to endorse some level of contact.

Pedrosa broke his collarbone in the incident and will be unable to ride in his home grand prix this weekend.



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