Valentino Rossi - one of only two active riders to have raced in 500cc, 990cc and 800cc MotoGP - has explained why he thinks overtaking has got harder in premier-class.

"Now with these [800cc] bikes, but especially the Bridgestone tyres and electronics, it is more difficult to overtake, if we compare for sure with the 500 and also the first years of the 990cc," said the seven time MotoGP champion.

"Because the time between braking and entering the corner is a lot less, so the time to make an overtake becomes less.

"In the past, especially with the 500, from where you brake to the entry was longer. You have like 30-40 metres to make an overtake. You also make the corner a bit more slowly.

"So everything happened more slow, you had more time and it was more easy to overtake.

"Now year by year - 800cc, Bridgestone and also all the systems for anti-wheelie and traction control - for me, makes overtaking more at the limit.

"The risk to make some mistakes and also touch other riders is maybe more.

"If one rider is behind and wants to overtake, ten years ago it was easier. During a lap you had four or five places to overtake. Now it is maybe one or maximum two."

MotoGP enters a new era in 2012 with a change to 1000cc engines.



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