A Suzuki-powered CRT machine has been granted a wild-card entry for August's Indianapolis MotoGP.

The entry has been announced by GPtech, which has contracted BCL Motorsports to design a frame with Vesrah Suzuki/MCJ Motorsports a technical partner on the project.

The frame is manufactured from billet aluminum and designed to accept a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 engine.

The project has been in the works since January and, 'quietly moving forward until a grid spot was guaranteed. A shortlist of submitted acceptable riders is soon to follow'.

"The new CRT rules have allowed us the freedom to develop a complete program that is worthy of being on the Moto GP gridm" said GPtech owner Geoff Maloney. "A big thanks goes out to everyone behind the scenes helping!"

The bike looks like being the first CRT MotoGP race machine to feature a Suzuki engine. The full time 2012 CRTs are powered by Aprilia, BMW, Honda and Kawasaki engines.

"Being able to develop a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 engine under the CRT rules of MotoGP is a huge opportunity and I look forward to building a competitive engine package," said Mark Junge, owner of Vesrah Suzuki/MCJ Motorsports.

The FIM recently announced that wild-card MotoGP entries will be allowed a generous three engines per event, compared with six per season for each full time prototype rider and twelve per season for CRT riders.

Attack Performance has already announced that it will enter both American rounds, at Laguna Seca from July 27-29 and Indianapolis from August 17-19.

GPtech and Attack are the only wild-card MotoGP entries so far announced for the 2012 season, the first year of the new 1000cc and CRT era.



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