Carmelo Ezpeleta was again in attendance for at week's Ducati/Ferrari Wrooom Press Ski meeting at Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, where he provided an update on Dorna's future plans for MotoGP and WSBK.

"We will maintain the two separate championships - one will be for motorbikes that are from production bikes [WSBK], the other prototypes [MotoGP] - but always with the aim to reduce costs as much as we can and make the technical situation more spectacular," began Ezpeleta.

"We had a meeting with the WSBK and WSS manufacturers in Geneva with the FIM in December, where we talked about the technical aspects for 2014. The effort is to make everyone happy, to control the costs and give similar equipment for all the riders from each manufacturer.

"From now the MSMA will again become a member of the Superbike Commission and together the teams, FIM, MSMA and us will decide the best possible rules to control costs for 2014.

"For MotoGP we have already explained the measures for 2014, '15 and '16 and also now we are also starting to work on 2017."

Further comments from Ezpeleta, reported by, are as follows:

*The new privateer MotoGP machine from Honda for 2014 will cost 1 million euros. Honda will supply five bikes while Yamaha will provide enough engines for four motorcycles. Engines will cost 800,000 euros per year.
* These machines will run under CRT regulations, meaning full control ECU and four litres more fuel than the official MSMA prototypes. Teams can also continue with the existing CRT machines.
* Any new MotoGP manufacturer will have to merge with an existing team, rather than being granted a new entry.
* The target price limit for a World Superbike machine is 250,000 euros per year, with each manufacturer supplying six entries.