Reigning MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo began the second Sepang MotoGP test as he had finished the first, in a close second place behind Honda's Dani Pedrosa.

Lorenzo rode for 25 laps before the arrival of afternoon rain, with the Yamaha star's best 0.235s from Pedrosa.

"Not so much work today. Just 25 laps," said Lorenzo. "We decided not to ride in the rain because it was not so much, but if it rains more tomorrow I will ride.

"We concentrated on improving the setting today. We didn't have anything new to try from Yamaha. It's only two weeks since the last test and it's not enough time for the engineers to do something new.

"So my main goal for this test is just to improve, mainly in acceleration, but just by setting changes. I will also do a long run on the third day."

Lorenzo's team-mate Valentino Rossi was fifth fastest.



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