Cal Crutchlow got the chance to try a new frame on his way to setting the second fastest lap time in Monday's post-race Jerez MotoGP test.

The Tech 3 Yamaha star, the top satellite rider in each of the three races so far this year, has never hidden his desire for more technical updates to help take on the factory riders.

But despite being the fastest Yamaha on track - just 0.092s from Honda's Marc Marquez - Crutchlow echoed the chassis comments of factory riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, who have found it hard to decide between the M1 frame options.

"I'm happy to have got through so much work today and do almost 70 laps because my back is still quite sore from the two big crashes I had on Saturday," began Crutchlow. "I tried a different frame today but honestly I couldn't really find any improvement. There were some positive and negative points but overall it felt the same as what I've been racing so far."

The Englishman also experimented with a different engine-braking strategy and wheelbase modifications to improve front and rear grip.

"I tried a few engine braking settings for Yamaha and it was important for them to get some data and information in that area," he said. "We ran the bike with a lot of engine braking to see how the bike would react and make it slide on corner entry. I couldn't really feel a big benefit going into the corner but it was a bit better braking straight up and down and it was a worthwhile exercise.

"It was a positive day and after a tough weekend with the crashes to finish fifth in the race and second in the test today shows again we are doing a good job."

Rookie team-mate Bradley Smith was tenth fastest, and in favour of the new frame.


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