While much attention is focussed on Yamaha's seamless-shift gearbox, Jorge Lorenzo is also seeking braking gains to go on the offensive against Honda title leaders Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa.

Lorenzo emerged victorious, for the first time since June's Catalunya round, after a last lap showdown with an injured Marquez at Silverstone on Sunday.

Marquez passed Lorenzo on the brakes, but the reigning champion was able to retaliate at the penultimate-turn when Marquez drifted a little wide at the apex.

"Obviously I would like to have better braking, because our bike doesn't give us the confidence to brake very hard," said Lorenzo, the only Yamaha rider currently able to challenge the Repsol Hondas.

"We improved it this weekend, but in a normal hard-braking situation we are not as strong as them [Honda], so for me it is difficult to fight in the same conditions. But anyway we have strong corner speed, so if they are braking later and they open a little gap, then I can enter in the inside.

"We hope to improve the braking in the future and like this it will be much easier for me to be a real fighter, like I was before when I had a good-braking bike."

Lorenzo is 39 points behind Marquez and nine points from Pedrosa. The seamless shift gearbox looks likely to appear at Misano - if not in the actual San Marino GP, then the post-race test.

The enhanced stability offered by the seamless gearbox should also contribute to better braking potential.



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