The Grand Prix Commission has revealed that the new name for the revised privateer MotoGP category will simply be 'Open'.

That category is currently called CRT ('Claiming Rule Team') but the claiming rule is being dropped for 2014, when new privateer bikes from Honda and Yamaha are being made available and a standard ECU system will be compulsory.

"It has already been announced that MotoGP class entries opting to use the Magneti Marelli ECU but their own software will be designated as competing under the 'Factory' option," said the statement.

"The CRT designation which previously applied to the remaining entries is no longer relevant. In future these entries will be referred to as 'Open'."

In other words, the emphasis has been switched.

Whereas before the privateer category had a name to clearly distinguish it from the main MotoGP championship, from next year it will be the 'factory' class that will be the exception, underlining that the 'open' rules are likely to one day become standard across the premier-class.

It was also announced that: "For practical and cost reasons, wild-card entries in the MotoGP class will be free to use any ECU and software."



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