By Stephen English

Damian Cudlin will start his home Australian MotoGP from last on the grid after a difficult weekend at Philip Island for the PBM rider.

Having raced strongly at Sepang before retiring with a mechanical failure, the Australian had hoped for more this weekend but the windy conditions have played havoc with the PBM chassis:

"It was hard and we're still struggling in some areas of the race track, particularly when the wind comes up," said Cudlin. "One of the problems is that it's weight biased towards the rear so often the front is unloaded and in this heavy wind it's difficult to get weight over the front. We made some pretty big changes for today to get more weight on the front so now it's a case of how much more should we go."

Cudlin admitted that the team had tried lot of different solutions today prior to finding 1.5s in FP3 such as the "steering angle, the offset, the ride height, the swingarm height" but that starting from last on the grid leaves them with nothing to lose and that in warm-up it will be worth trying a different setup.

Racing at home can give a rider an advantage but because the PBM bike is so different to any of the bikes Cudlin has raced previously he has actually felt the opposite at Philip Island where he has had to try and relearn the circuit based on what the bike needs to do:

"Sometimes at your home track if you've been here on different bikes and used different lines it can sometimes take longer to get rid of old habits on different bikes and adapt to something new. This bike is unlike anything else I've ever ridden and I have to ride it completely different. I've had to unlearn a few bits of the track rather than learn them."



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