The Grand Prix Commission has announced further plans to clamp down on the costs of racing machinery in the Moto3 class.

The start of the 2014 season will already see engines distributed at random by the Championship Technical Director - among riders of the same manufacturer - with a fixed cost of EUR68,000 for the engine package. Engine changes will also be reduced from eight to six from next year.

The latest changes relate to 2015, and are described in full below. KTM won every race this season, but Honda is planning a fightback for 2014...

Moto3 Class - Effective 2015

"With the co-operation and agreement of the current Moto3 Manufacturers and the approval of the FIM, new regulations will be introduced from 2015 to control the costs of the rolling chassis and further reduce the cost of engines.

A). Rolling Chassis

"The price of a complete rolling chassis, requiring only the addition of an engine, ECU, datalogger and transponder is capped at EUR85,000. The price includes the cost of any upgraded parts supplied during the season. Each part may only be upgraded once during the season and must be provided to all competitors at the same time.

"The rolling chassis may only be provided by or via one of the manufacturers participating in the class.

"The complete chassis, including components such as brakes and suspension, will be homologated but allowance will also be made to permit teams to use chassis from previous seasons.

"Manufacturers intending to participate in this class must announce to the Grand Prix Commission by the deadline of 31 August that they will offer to supply machines to the Moto3 class in the following season. Teams then have until 15 September to place orders with confirmation of acceptance of orders by 30 September.

"Teams who have placed orders that were not accepted by the deadline can then negotiate with alternate manufacturers.

ii). Engines
"The maximum price for the package of six engines is reduced to EUR60,000. However, this price does not include the supply of any gearboxes. Teams may order the number of gearboxes they require, if any, which will be supplied at a cost of EUR1,500 each."



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