Following the recent announcement that Forward Racing intends to use modified 2013 Kalex chassis for Moto2 this season, FTR has released the following statement.

The statement declares that FTR will 'concentrate' on the promising new Forward Racing FTR-Yamaha MotoGP project (pictured), but that they remain 'a key technical partner' in the Moto2 team.

FTR's managing director Jon Jones adds that there are 'no technical and financial issues between FTR and Forward Racing', referring to rumours that the decision not to use the FTR Moto2 chassis was due to financial reasons.

The full statement is as follows:

"FTR are continuing with the strong partnership established with Forward Racing in MotoGP for the 2014 season. The season brings with it some exciting developments with a 3 way collaboration between FTR, Forward Racing and Yamaha.

"The results of initial testing at Sepang have given strong evidence that this is a winning combination. All parties are excited and pleased and will concentrate on refining the new bikes performance in the upcoming tests

"In order to maximise the potential shown by the 2014 GP bike, Forward and FTR will concentrate on this project.

"The partnership between FTR and Forward Racing will then begin to focus on improving the performance of the 2014 Moto2 team. FTR as Forward Racing's key technical partner are united with Forward in working together to gain performance improvements as we move through the season.

"Both FTR and Forward believe that this is the correct decision and are committed to working in partnership throughout 2014.

"Following rumours in the media about the Moto2 program, FTR would like to clarify that there is no technical and financial issues between FTR and Forward Racing

"For the coming season FTR remains a key technical partner for the Forward Racing Team in Moto2 and all the efforts will be dedicated to the development of the MotoGP project."

Jon Jones Managing Director FTR



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