Ricky Cardus has been called up to replace injured Tech 3 rider Alex Mari?elarena.

The Spanish rider will replace Mari?elarena until he has fully recovered from his recent injury and is fit enough to compete in Moto2 races.

Mari?elarena was involved in an incident during a private test at the Paul Ricard circuit, South France for Team Tech3 Racing on the 27th February. He suffered a heavy fall which knocked him out of consciousness and placed into a medically induced coma by the medical staff at the Saint-Anne Hospital in Toulon.

After nearly one week of deep sleep, Mari?elarena awoke from the coma on the morning of Wednesday 5th March, 2014. The recovery process is now underway for the 21year old Spanish rider, but the date of his return is as of yet unknown.

"Firstly, I want to say that I am really happy about having the possibility to ride for the Tech3 Racing Team, but of course it is not the ideal way to get a ride with Alex being injured," said Cardus.

"I want to wish him the very best with his recovery, and I hope to see him racing soon. I am excited to ride the Mistral 610 at Jerez this week, and will try my best in assisting the team. Thank you to the Tech3 Racing Team for the opportunity."

Cardus contested the Spanish CEV Buckler championship before competing as a wild-card in the 125cc world championship several times and riding half a season as a substitute in Moto2 in 2010.

The Spanish rider then undertook three full time seasons from 2011 to 2013 in the Moto2 World Championship aboard various chassis to point scoring finishes.

Cardus will make his Tech 3 debut on Tuesday 11th March, at the start of the final three day Moto2 pre-season test at Jerez.