A jump-start penalty ended Michael Laverty's hopes of scoring points in the season-opening Qatar MotoGP.

"The jump start was so frustrating and I can't believe that I jumped it. I hadn't done many practice starts all weekend, I did one after qualifying, and the clutch just bit and I knew straight away that I'd jumped the start," said the PBM rider.

"It's one of those things, I've always been a good starter and my reactions are usually pretty good but maybe for the first race of the year I just a bit too eager! That's the way it goes though and I can't be too annoyed about it, I had a better race than I expected after a tough weekend."

After serving a ride-through, Laverty returned in last place before passing Avintia's Mike di Meglio to claim 16th position.

"It's frustrating because I had the pace to finish 14th today, at the end of the race I was doing consistent 1m 58s when Petrucci [14th] was in the '59s, but it seems that it's always the way when there's points possible that something stupid happens," said Laverty, who suffered numerous issues throughout the weekend, including missing the whole of Thursday night practice.

"The positive is that the bike felt good after a difficult weekend - we made some changes to fix the braking problems."

Another issue for Laverty was fuel related, with the Aprilia-powered PBM running out of fuel on the slow down lap when he was riding back to the pits. The ART engine, racing in the Open class, has all 24 litres of fuel available so it was surprising to see it suffer from a shortage.

"We had so much wheelspin. I actually ran out of fuel on the in-lap, so I used all 24 litres. I was spinning up the rear through whole race to use up that amount of fuel, when you spin you're just opening gas and burning fuel, so that's something that we need to address.

"I'm happy with today though because I was expecting this to be the toughest race of the year and we actually had pretty good race pace, but the jump start cost me points."

Laverty's new team-mate Broc Parkes claimed the final point.



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