Ducati's Cal Crutchlow didn't try to hide his anger as he launched a scathing assessment of his disappointing retirement from the Jerez MotoGP.

Crutchlow was forced out with brake trouble in the early stages after running in 11th place on lap one and was visibly frustrated, punching the bike as he pulled into pit lane.

The British star had worked hard to return from injury this weekend in Spain and was seething that all his hard work had ultimately been in vain.

"It was a complete disaster and I looked pissed off because I was pissed off. I'd worked so hard to come back for two weeks and sacrificed every single hour of every day to try and get back, all to do three sh*t laps," he said.

"I had no brakes and I don't know why - they just didn't work. For two laps I felt great, the best I'd felt all weekend. I made a lot of aggressive passes and was coming to the front of that group and felt happy; the team did a good job with my settings for the race and I felt good.

"The bike was stopping no problem, but then on one lap there was no brake lever and it was completely back to the bar.

"I slowed down for one lap to try and get the pressure back in the brake, but then on the next corner I had no brake at all. I slowed down again and pumped the brake up and it worked, so I let everybody past - let [Yonny] Hernandez past - went and did three more corners and went to the end of the back straight in turn 6 and had absolutely no brake again, so I stopped the bike with the back brake."

Ducati Corse General Manager Luigi Dall'Igna added: "I'm obviously sorry about what happened to Cal because his bike had a problem that had never appeared before. The fluid in the brake system reached a really high temperature and we are checking with Brembo the reason for this problem."

Crutchlow is also upset by what he feels is a lack of progress, describing the gap to the frontrunners as 'way too far'.

"The situation is bad, it's tough, and I don't see [that] we are getting much better - the distance to the winner is way too far," he said.

"I don't know how the team are celebrating so much for finishing 20 or 30 seconds behind the winner - also [Stefan] Bradl, [Bradley] Smith and [Alvaro] Bautista are finishing too far behind the winner.

"This is the situation - yes, it's better than last year, sure - but I'm not too happy obviously because I came all the way here to do three laps," he added.

"I'm not going to risk my ass and stay out there and risk everyone else's too."



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