Brno MotoGP runner-up Jorge Lorenzo feels he may have been able to challenge Dani Pedrosa for victory with the benefit of 'one more lap'.

Lorenzo led the race until lap six when Pedrosa made a pass at T3 and began to slowly edge away.

However, the Movistar Yamaha rider started to eat into Pedrosa's 1.8 seconds in the final part of the race, with only 0.4s between them at the finish.

And Lorenzo believes the outcome may have proved different if he had taken more risks to try and stay with Pedrosa in the middle of the 22-lap race.

"I needed to take more risks and ride better to stay with him, because at the end of the race with less fuel - and even with the soft front tyre - I was really competitive and riding well," he said.

"Just one more lap and maybe I'd have had the chance to win, but it was not the case. Dani was really inspired today and when Dani is inspired he is really difficult to follow.

"It's a good result and the good thing is that finally Marc didn't win! You can also see how much things can change in just one week," said Lorenzo.

"From Marc being almost unbeatable and Dani so-so [at Indianapolis] here it is the opposite. It shows that when you feel great with your bike and you keep working, your moment will arrive."

Lorenzo was in red-hot form in morning warm-up and felt confident of his prospects for the race, although the materialisation of some braking issues prevented him from being able to maintain his scorching pace.

"After warm-up I was really happy with some set-up changes that we made. I expected a lot from this race. The problem is that from sixth position it was not easy to make a good start," he said.

"The first moment with the clutch was good but then Dani went to the right and I had to close the throttle. I lost some speed and had to really focus to overtake the riders ahead very quickly. That was key to opening the one-second gap at the beginning of the race.

"I felt really good at the beginning. Good traction and the braking was okay," added Lorenzo. "Unfortunately after two or three laps I couldn't ride the same. I started to have some problems in the braking so I wasn't able to keep at 1m 56.0. Dani improved his pace while I was getting worse.

"So he was catching me and when he passed me I maybe needed to be a little bit more aggressive and ride a little bit better," he added.

"I didn't ride very well at that stage. So Dani opened a gap in the middle of the race and this was the key."

It was the first time this season that Lorenzo had finished ahead of runaway championship leader Marquez and the Yamaha star conceded that although it was satisfying to finally beat his Honda rival, the championship is virtually over.

"To be honest probably the championship is over and Marc is going to be the champion unless something really, really strange happens to him," he said.

"Maybe now he will have even less pressure because he knows it is impossible to win all the races.

"We are just focused on our next race. So we are going to try to mainly improve the bike and be competitive in the remaining races. Obviously when we are not going to give up and we are going to try to finish on the podium and win races.

"Our objective this year is to try to improve the bike to try to win next year's championship," he added.

"The bike is getting better and better and also my physical condition and should suit the next tracks so we are really optimistic."

Along with Smith, Lorenzo was the only other rider who opted for the soft front tyre, explaining that the selection was a better fit for his high cornering speed.

"I have a different riding style to the other riders. I am not so aggressive on the braking. So sometimes, it is not usual, the soft tyre gives me more cornering speed," he said.

"Normally I use more or less the same as the other riders but not here. Maybe the asphalt was worse than in other years, more bumpy. I was really surprised at the hard-won was not absorbing the bumps.

"Maybe our setting was not so good for the bumps and my riding style. With the low temperature as well we decided to go with the soft one," Lorenzo added.

"Maybe if we had more time the hard one would have given us some advantage because for braking it is not the best, but for cornering it was more stable."