A downbeat Cal Crutchlow had little reason for optimism after the Ducati rider found himself languishing in 15th position for his home MotoGP at Silverstone.

Crutchlow will start from the fifth row and is more than two seconds slower than team-mate Andrea Dovizioso as he ended qualifying as the slowest Ducati.

It has been a miserable weekend so far for Crutchlow and in typically honest fashion he admitted things are unlikely to get any better on race day as he continues to struggle with the Desmosedici.

"It's the same as every other day - disappointing. I'm not fast enough, not able to be on the pace of the other Ducati guys and I don't think I've ever been so slow around Silverstone; I was probably faster with the superbike," he said.

"I was able to compete more with a superbike. I've never been so uncompetitive around this circuit. I don't have a feeling with the bike or the tyres and I don't see how we are going to suddenly find it between now and tomorrow morning.

"Hopefully we will see something that will help us improve but we are too far behind the other Ducati riders and the other riders in front of us; they are faster than me at the moment but I believe that if we had the feeling with the bike and the tyres then we'd be a long way in front of a lot of the guys in front of us," he added.

"I never thought that at any point in my career I'd be struggling for pace and riding around two seconds behind my team-mate. What can I say? This is the situation and home Grand Prix or not it doesn't make a difference; I'm here to race and to be so far off the pace is disappointing."

Crutchlow abandoned a qualifying lap due to 'massive vibration' from the rear of his Ducati but never felt he had a chance of finishing in the top three regardless.

"I had people following me. I don't know why because I'm not fast enough! They should follow someone else. But I scrapped the second qualifying lap because I had massive vibration from the rear tyre. I nearly crashed two or three times in a few laps and I wasn't going to qualify in the top three anyway," he said.

"This has been the inconsistency with the Bridgestone tyre in the last few races. For a lot of people - one tyre is good another bad. Not just for Ducati. Yamaha and Honda as well. We don't know why. Maybe a quality control issue."

But even when the tyres have no problems, Crutchlow is continuing to suffer.

"Even with a brand new tyre it feels like I don't have enough grip and after one lap it feels like the tyres are 30 laps old. When you can't find the lean angle you can't turn the bike.

"The tyres feel like they're too hot, but they're actually cold and I think tyre temperature this weekend will be a problem for a lot of riders, not just me."

Crutchlow, moving to LCR Honda in 2015, did at least emerge unscathed from a Saturday at Silverstone for the first time in MotoGP - after injuries for the past three seasons - but quipped: "I still have tomorrow..."



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