As of Saturday evening at Misano, Scott Redding still has multiple offers on the table for MotoGP next season.

With Gresini announcing its move to Aprilia on Friday, Redding officially knows he will need to leave the team if he is to secure the Factory class Honda expected when he signed the contract.

Speaking exclusively to, Redding said: "We looked at our options and we're a bit closer. I can't really say which direction that I'm going, but I know myself which direction I'm going.

"I'm leaning 10% more to one side as to where I want to be, so we'll just have to wait for some time at the moment. It's playing on my mind a little at the moment because it's been such a long time and I just need to decide what I want to do and do my job."

The direction Redding is leaning is almost certainly a return to the Marc VDS team - where he raced in Moto2 - which is believed to be close to securing the funding needed to acquire both the Factory Honda and a 2015 MotoGP grid slot.

Aspar is also known to be pursuing the newly available RC213V, but Redding denied having any contact with the Spanish team.

"I want the Factory Honda but the problem is that you have Aspar saying that they've made an offer to me, but I haven't spoken to them and my manager hasn't spoken to them. They haven't even sent me a proposal," Redding declared.

"So, it doesn't make sense to me when I read these things that Aspar is waiting for me. I haven't even spoken to them, and that's Gospel truth.

"For the moment Marc VDS are still trying to work for something, but nothing is yet decided so we just need to keep working on what we're doing and hope to put all the pieces together.

"I think that it's more mid-week [that a decision will be made] because we're relying on other people more than us at the moment, so we need to just see how we can put the things together but I still have other options open at the moment."

Asked if those non-Honda options are the Gresini Aprilia and Pramac Ducati, Redding replied:

"There are two more different offers, but I can't name them because they don't want people to know what's happening. They're good offers but I need to think about my future and that direction."

On track, Redding fell twice from his Open class RCV1000R on Saturday, eventually qualifying in 14th position for tomorrow's San Marino Grand Prix.

"It was an interesting day to say the least with two crashes today and one yesterday, it's not really my style to crash so much," he said. "I'm a little bit lost and confused because there's not really any feeling or explanation as to why I had these crashes.

"I don't have much feeling on the front at the moment and I tried to go through that and think that I can make it but then I crashed. It takes me one step back I'm a bit frustrated not to have made many laps so we need to try and use warm-up as a practice to get closer to the other guys.

"We tested some different fork tubes which I'm not sure was the right thing to do. We tested them in Brno and Silverstone and it was better over the bumps. We need to see tomorrow if with different fork tubes we can get more heat into the tyres because we struggled to get the tyre up to temperature.

"We'll work in this direction and put some more weight on the front but then I'm struggling to stop the bike. We're in a circle of trying to find the balance of all these things."



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