The Aragon MotoGP marked the sixth time in 2014 that Michael Laverty finished just outside the points in 16th.

The Irishman was disappointed to have made a mistake on the opening lap that cost him over ten seconds and left him at the back of the field for the early laps.

"It was a really strange race," said the PBM rider. "I ran off the track on the first lap and I was ten seconds off the back of the field. I lost a lot of time but I got back on to di Meglio and passed him and then I caught Broc but once I reached him it started to spot with rain. I kept on track for a few laps and waited to pit...

"I had thought of pitting about two laps prior to when I did come in but I thought that it wasn't raining enough and it would rip the wets up, but finally I had to pit because it was hard to stay on let along ride competitively so I just rode around and took it home."

The difficult conditions left the entire field struggling for grip and with Marquez, Pedrosa and Dovizioso all crashing out of podium positions it was clear that the track conditions were treacherous.

For Laverty the decision on when to change bikes came down a lack of temperature in the tyres that meant that just staying upright was a struggle and the gamble of staying on slicks just wasn't worthwhile:

"We finished up 16th again but having lost so much time in the early laps it was strange because it didn't feel like I had a battle with anyone and today was just about survival. When the temperature drops out of the slicks and the track is so greasy it's just about surviving. You lean the bike over on the slicks and it's scary because you're just waiting for it to let go so I was happy to put on the wets and get to the flag.

"It's another finish and it's good to get it home but it's not where we want to be in the dry because I completely tore the right side of the tyre. I think that in the dry we would have finished in our normal position so it's not a great result to write home about but I'm happy to finish and we'll move on to the fly away races now."


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