Jorge Lorenzo became only the second rider this season to win more than one MotoGP race at Motegi on Sunday.

However the achievement was overshadowed by title celebrations for Marc Marquez, who successfully defended his 2013 crown by finishing in second place, between Lorenzo and Movistar Yamaha team-mate Valentino Rossi.

Shortly after the podium celebrations Lorenzo, who pushed Marquez to the final round of last year's championship, said: "Marc's season has been almost perfect. The only exception being the mistakes in Aragon and Misano, but at the rest of the tracks he has ridden at a very high level always.

"He has been very aggressive, but also very consistent, without the crashes that he made in the first part of last year. Last year he won the championship being a rookie but he probably had some benefit from the injuries to Dani and myself.

"This time he has been the best in general with a big difference, so he deserves completely the championship."

Despite last year's heroics, when Lorenzo battled back from injury to keep the championship alive, his 2014 title hopes never recovered from a disastrous opening two rounds. Lorenzo has since scooped more points than any other in the last seven events and insists he has no regrets.

"I never regret anything in life because you cannot change your past, you can only try to learn from it and do things differently," he declared. "I think I wasn't fit physically, because I didn't plan the pre-season well and also the bike was not as competitive as now. The tyres were also different.

"Everything together made the beginning of our season very complicated. I also put in my two big mistakes in the first two races so it was a complete disaster. Then little by little I began to feel better and better physically, mentally and I'm really happy with my level and the level of the bike now.

"I hope the Yamaha engineers keep working as good as they have done in the last races so that we can have our chance for the 2015 season."

Lorenzo's smooth and flowing riding style couldn't more different from the erratic all-action Marquez, yet there is often little between them on the racetrack.

"My style and Vale's is quite similar, Vale brakes a little bit later or stronger than me and also has the bike setting a little bit different and I have a little bit more corner speed. But finally it is a small difference," Lorenzo said.

"But compared with Marc our style is completely different. Probably I sacrifice the entry of the corner a little bit, to have better corner speed and maybe I am a little bit more precise in the braking than Marc.

"But Marquez is extremely effective, extremely fast, very aggressive and very strong in the body-to-body battle. So he is very difficult to beat. Also we have different bikes. So it is like comparing Kevin Schwantz with Eddie Lawson.

"It is completely different riding styles and bikes, so who is better only the time will say."

Lorenzo had finally broken his 2014 victory drought with a surprise win in the rain-interrupted Aragon race, but felt Motegi was a much more complete performance.

"It was a really difficult race. I think it was the race with the most intensity of all four riders because nobody wanted to finish behind the other," Lorenzo recalled. "Everyone was pushing really hard.

"Valentino was really quick in the first two laps but then he started to slow down a little bit the pace, so I was catching him and I decided to pass him quickly because I knew that maybe Valentino could hold Marc up a little bit. So I pushed at the maximum to open a gap that I needed and I'm very happy to win another year in the home of our main rival. We are really satisfied."

Lorenzo's attention now turns to the a three-way battle with Rossi and Dani Pedrosa for second in the world championship - the pair being just three points ahead of Lorenzo with three rounds to go.

"Marc is champion so now the fight will be for second place. I think at this moment, more than last year, the four of us are more or less at the same level at every track. So it's going to be interesting fight. A really close fight. The one who is consistently fast but also makes the least mistakes is properly going to be second in the championship."