A big crash at turn one left Broc Parkes bruised but the Australian also had positives to take ahead of his home Grand Prix having been within three seconds off the fastest time of the day.

His crash saw him come off his PBM on the entry to the ultra-fast Doohan Corner and afterwards Parkes sported a large bandage on his knee as well as injuring his shoulder.

Despite this, he admitted that having been tangled with his PBM-Aprilia momentarily that he could have had a much worse injury.

"Turn one, 240kph and I tipped in and the rear just came around," he said. "I didn't have a lot of time to think about it but it felt like having a high side going into the corner and I knew it wasn't going to be good! When I went down the bike got caught into me a little bit but luckily enough I only hurt my shoulder, my felt leg and my right knee but to be fair I was expecting something to be broken because the speed that I was going at was scary."

Philip Island is always a favourite of many riders but with so many left handers and before entering turn one it has been over 15s since riders had leant on the right side of the tyre and it was clear that a lack of temperature was a factor for Parkes

"There was no feeling at all on the right side but I guess that it's so long where you're not on the right side and with the length of the front straight by the time we get to turn one the tyre is just cold. I think that the tyres that they've made are more for the Factory riders rather than for us so we struggle to get the heat into these tyres. But saying that the Factory boys are crashing as well so I guess that the conditions are tricky."

It has been a challenging season for Parkes with only a handful of highlights due to an uncompetitive bike but racing in front of a home crowd is sure to be a highlight of his rookie campaign. Philip Island has been a good hunting ground for him in the past in World Supersports and today's performance gave him some encouragement by setting the pace for the CRT bikes at the back of the field.

"Normally this is one of my best tracks, I've had podiums and poles in Supersport, and I enjoy coming here to ride and this is the first time that I've ridden the new surface and it feels even better. It's always hard to be at the back but today I was the first CRT and not too far away from the front, we were within 3s, so I can't complain."


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