Scott Redding has credited Marc Marquez with raising the intensity of MotoGP to new heights and creating a more entertaining spectacle for fans.

Marquez has won back to back premier class crowns and although the Repsol Honda star won the first ten races of the season, British prospect Redding says MotoGP has become more exciting since the Spaniard entered the class as his opponents raise their own game in their efforts to break his dominance.

"There's a little bit more overtaking I guess; I don't know why, I think people want it more now because he's the new guy who has come in and is beating everyone and they're trying to up their game a bit and get the best position in the race," Redding said.

"People are fighting for every point they can get now rather than settling for a position for the championship."

Gresini rider Redding feels his style is comparable to Marquez's, even though there is a huge difference between the Open class Honda and the factory RC213V.

"We have quite a similar style. The only thing that's different is sometimes the way he steers the rear of the bike, but this is what Casey Stoner was doing before - he rides very similar to Stoner," Redding said.

"It's difficult with the Open Honda because you can't quite get the same feeling, we have different tyres, brakes and suspension.

"But I've always tried to learn in MotoGP to try and get more feeling with the bike and let it be a bit loose in the rear, but with the soft tyre we can't do that as much."

Redding was 15th in the dry in FP1 at Sepang as practice got underway in Malaysia but dropped to 21st position on the leaderboard in the wet afternoon session.

"The wet wasn't too bad, for me I felt quite comfortable and quite fast, but when it started to dry out I started to lose some confidence and we started to spin a lot with the rear tyre," he said.

"It wasn't quite that dry and I didn't really know what to do in those conditions [as track began to dry]. I guess you have to go a bit more because it wasn't dry at the end - if conditions were like that then I guess it will be wets to the end.

"The test here was a lot worse for me because I was learning the bike and conditions were quite hot. Today I could relax a bit more and it didn't feel bad, but it's still a killer with the heat but I'm feeling more relaxed on the bike."


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