The difficult conditions in Valencia left Michael Laverty somewhat disappointed not to have been able to sign off his time with PBM in MotoGP with a stronger performance than 19th.

The Irishman was quick at points throughout the race but with rain falling at various stages of the race his lack of confidence in the cooler conditions left him unable to get on terms with Danilo Petrucci and Karel Abraham.

When asked about the race Laverty commented about the conditions and the challenges that they presented the MotoGP riders:

"Conditions made it tough and the first few laps were difficult and I lost tough a little bit, even di Meglio passed me," said Laverty. "Once it started to clear a little bit I got past him and bridged the gap to de Puniet, Petrucci and Abraham.

"Once the rain came again and I lost touch again, maybe those guys are a bit braver or have more feeling in the rain but they kept a better pace than me, and then once it cleared again the rear tyre tore on both sides so it was really difficult and I was fighting that as well as dealing with the spots of rain at the end. I had no idea how much rear grip I'd have so I was leaning it in and the rear was coming around once I cracked the throttle so I just kept it steady to get to the end."

With the majority of the field staying out on slick tyres, only Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Iannone stopped for wet tyres, Laverty talked about the thought process for riders in such a race where one section of the lap was wet and the rest relatively dry:

"When they pitted there was a lot of rain in some areas and the tarmac looked darker in some parts and the rain was glistening off the kerbs so it was hard to read it. I never really thought about coming in so I was surprised when I saw Iannone and Lorenzo come in for the was nice to pass them but on different tyres it was always going to happen. It's a tough call to make and Aragon was similar to this but it just kept raining harder that day."

Coming away from the race with his future likely to be confirmed soon with a return to British Superbikes, Laverty was frustrated not to have had a dry race where he could have battled with the riders in front of him:

"It would have been nice to have a full dry race and see if I could beat Petrucci and Abraham, because over the first half of the race I was faster than them so it was a little bit frustrating with how the weather worked out."



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