Eugene Laverty had his first taste of Open Honda machinery at Valencia on Monday, as the Irishman began preparations for the 2015 MotoGP season.

The World Superbike star is using this year's RCV1000R for his first test with the Aspar team, prior to receiving the more powerful 2015 RC213V-RS.

Laverty - younger brother of former PBM MotoGP racer Michael - spent much of Monday trying to get comfortable on the bike and adjusting his riding position.

"We did 45 laps and it was mostly to get a feel for the bike," said Laverty. "The first 25 laps we were changing stuff on every exit just trying to get a better feeling with the footrests, the levers. We have a bigger fuel tank in the middle so it's a much smaller bike. I started to enjoy it the last 20 laps."

Having raced in World Superbikes for the last five years, Laverty needs to adjust to a MotoGP bike with carbon brakes, Bridgestone tyres and the Open electronic software. The biggest issue for Laverty was adjusting to the new Bridgestone front tyres and having spent the day on the softer rubber he felt that the front end was moving around underneath him when braking.

"The carbon brakes stop better and there's no real mystery with them, I didn't expect to find anything new with them, the only difference is the tyres," Laverty said. "It's a different end of the scale compared to what I'm used to in previous years. The front suits my style, I like to squeeze the brake into the corner, and already my braking matches what we saw on this bike at the weekend.

"The rear is totally different and the tyre spins so easily, usually in the past when the tyre spins it means that you're not going forward but with this you can use it to turn the bike as well. This Honda seems to be ridden like that so it's a lot of fun!

"I really like the feeling of the rear and this engine is so nice and controllable that I could spin the bike quite early on. I like that riding style. The issue now is with the front, I've got my braking pressure right but the front is moving around on me a lot. I need to figure out why it's doing that because that's what's holding me back.

"The front is pushing and it's not giving me the feedback that I need. I'll try some different tyres tomorrow because that's where the big step will come from."

The adjustment from WSBK to MotoGP has been eased by being able to take advice from his brother Michael, who was able to give insights into what to expect from the tyres and the bikes.

When asked what advice he was given by Michael during the course of the day Laverty said: "Go faster! No, he gave me good advice for my test [with Suzuki] in May and this time again. There's only so much that you can see trackside but having a brother to tell you things like, 'watch out for turn four,' means that I know where to push and when so he was able to give me good advice."

Laverty set the 21st fastest lap time on day one of testing, placing him between fellow rookies Loris Baz (Forward Yamaha) and Jack Miller (LCR Honda).



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