Cal Crutchlow 'christened' his new LCR Honda with a first crash during a wet second day of MotoGP testing at Valencia.

The Englishman, eighth quickest during a dry RC213V debut on Monday, lowsided at turn four - the first right hander - on his out-lap in the wet.

"As you probably saw a rabbit ran out and I didn't know what to do so I jumped off the bike," joked Crutchlow. "It was really strange, I left the pitlane and cruised around the first couple of corners and I think that I went too slow immediately after leaving the pitlane and the tyre got too cold. I had no lean angle compared to normal and I just tipped the bike over.

"The team were alright, but the problem was that as I left the garage Beefy [Christophe Bourguignon, new crew chief] said that I had to be careful about the right hand side. The first time that I tipped on the right I crashed and after riding back through the tunnel I thought about riding away from the circuit and seeing if a local shop would repair it! We had to christen it so that was it and it's out of the way."

After the crash Crutchlow went out for one more run but with conditions worsening with a sudden downpour, he came straight back to the garage to sit out the remainder of the day's running and therefore joined the majority of riders in not recording a lap.

"I went out for one more lap and I thought that it was pointless to continue. I've never had a problem riding in the rain so I'm not too concerned and when I talked to Marc [Marquez] he said that the first two laps on the Honda with these tyres are a disaster and you really have to take the shine off them. I learned my lesson and when I ride in the wet next year I'll remember what I did today!"

While better weather is forecast for Wednesday, it could take until the afternoon for a fully dry track. Crutchlow played down the time lost as he seeks to adapt to a new bike and team:

"I'm sure that tomorrow won't be dry until after lunchtime so we'll miss time tomorrow and we missed the whole day today. It's the same for everybody but I'm jumping on to a new bike, but it's one of those things."



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