Alvaro Bautista made his first full appearance aboard Aprilia's MotoGP racer on the second afternoon of testing at Valencia and was pleased with the feedback he received in the wet conditions.

The Spaniard didn't use the new pneumatic-valve engine during Tuesday's wet session and placed fifth out of ten riders, one hundredth of a second behind Valentino Rossi's fastest time.

Bautista was adamant that the three-day test is all about acclimatising to his new machine.

"Today was just to understand and to try and work with the team because yesterday [Monday] I just did a few laps and we didn't understand too much. For sure the bike is different than what I rode before. I have to understand and change my riding style," he said.

"I feel comfortable. I can improve a lot. Myself with this bike I feel like the riding is more easy than the Honda in wet conditions. We have to go more, especially with the engine because there is much less power than the other one.

"I'm happy with today. It's different because today was wet and quite cold. I remember in wet conditions with Honda I'm struggling on the exit from the corner. This bike is completely different. On the bottom you have more torque and a different engine character.

"I don't remember when was the last time in the wet that I improved every time. With the Honda I arrived at one point and couldn't improve because of no rear grip. Today I felt good when I go out to the track - improve, improve, improve - that was a positive thing."

Although riding some way off the bike's limits, Bautista was impressed with the machine's power delivery in wet conditions.

"The engine for sure [surprised me] because on the bottom you have a lot of torque and you can exit from the corner good. But on the straight it's so slow! But it's normal because this is a Superbike engine, the character.

"For me this bike it is like this bike has no electronics. Maybe for the power, the Honda you can feel the electronics working. Here it is like normal so I'm quite happy."

Aprilia test-rider Alex Hofmann rode the factory's new pneumatic-valve engine on Monday and was keen to stress it has more power than the 'Superbike' spec.

Bautista and new team-mate Marco Melandri will continue testing on Wednesday before travelling to Jerez at the end of November before the December winter testing ban is applied. The 29-year old is only interested in improving his feeling.

"The target is to understand the bike and the people working with me," he said. "It doesn't matter about times or positions. I just need to feel comfortable on the bike and improve my feeling."



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