An early fall during day two of the Sepang MotoGP test meant rookie Jack Miller missed out on the chance of a fast lap in the cooler conditions.

But the 20-year-old was unhurt and should get another chance for a quick time when temperatures drop again towards the end of the day.

Speaking during lunchtime, Miller explained: "We started off on used tyres from yesterday and just after we went over race distance, I went into that [turn five] corner and she started to go away from me.

"It was the first time that I had a real moment on the bike that when you pushed the front tyre enough that it went away, I held it up as much as could on my shoulder and elbow but I ran out of track.

"I'm perfect and the bike was fixed within five minutes and we've still got the same fairings on it as this morning. It's just another learning stage in learning the limits of these tyres.

"It affected me a little bit and we missed the window for doing a decent lap time today with new tyres. I'd like to be going a little bit quicker but we're struggling a bit with the wheelspin, we're still not working with traction control, and when the track is at 50c the thing just lights up on the exit of the corner."

Miller finished runner-up to Alex Marquez in last year's Moto3 World Championship and is making the jump directly to the premier-class with the LCR team. That means adapting from a 50hp KTM to a 250hp Open class Honda.

"I've had to change my riding style because with the Honda you can't roll through corners so you have to stop properly and turn the bike, which is very different to Moto3 where it's high corner speed and then letting it go through the corners," Miller revealed.

"The heavy braking [on a MotoGP bike] suits my style and now it's about working out with these bigger tyres when you're squashing it too much going into the corner.

"I'm trying to get it sideways like Marc [Marquez] does to try and stop the bike, then turn in and get out of the corner as quickly as possible.

"That's what I'm working on and also the limits of the tyres. That's why we're doing such extreme distances on the tyres and trying to work out when the grip drops off. We're not too far away but we're not as close as we want to be."

In terms of the electronics, Miller confirmed that he is using as little assistance as possible.

"We're still not using anti-wheelie and only a little bit of traction control. When I work out how to control it myself I'll start using the electronics. They just kill the power of the bike so if we can do it with the least amount of this stuff it'll be better in the long run."

Unlike his rivals, Miller took part in a private test at Sepang in November, when he rode the new RC213V-RS bike for the first time.

"The three day test [here in November] let me learn the track but it was very difficult conditions because it was only me out on track. So that made it hard because we had nobody to gauge ourselves against. But we started off quicker yesterday than we had been then, so hopefully when the track temperature goes down [today] we can work out all the small problems that we have."

Miller was 19th fastest out of the 30 riders on day one of testing, but fourth in the Open class. Testing for race riders concludes on Friday evening.

UPDATE: Miller finished day two in 23rd place, setting his fastest lap of 2m 3.083s on his penultimate lap. He was two-tenths slower than his day one best.


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