Andrea Dovizioso is confident he can carry his good form into the beginning of the European MotoGP season as he now has time to focus on improving bike set-up.

Both he and Ducati's GP15 have exceeded expectations by scoring runner up positions at each of the year's three races. Delighted with sitting second in the world championship, six points behind Valentino Rossi, Dovizioso revealed he will use free practice at Jerez to hone the base setting of Ducati's new racer.

"In the first three races we didn't have a lot of time, because of the conditions and layout of the track, to really work on the bike," he said at the pre-race press conference. "I believe from this race - and it looks like the weather will be good - we will have more time and more exits to try set up and understand the way. Understand if we can improve a little bit the traction, the braking stability. It is really something small, but we are close so small means we can fight for victory.

I don't think it changes a lot to be in Europe. It doesn't change the situation. Like I said before I think it will be more important to have a normal practice and good weather to try set-up. Because during the race weekend it's always difficult to work and develop the bike, but when you have a good base like we have now we can try something in every practice. This track is quite good to have an idea for what we want to try to help the traction. But I don't think we'll change too much."

Dovizioso led a tight five-rider battle over the line to claim fifth in the Spanish Grand Prix twelve months ago, albeit some 27 seconds behind the race winner. He feels the upcoming weekend will be a good test of the GP15's credentials, considering Ducati's past form in Andalusia.

"Our first three races were special and six points behind Valentino and the lead is very good for us and a new project. So we are really excited about that. I'm really happy to be at this track because it is not the best for us and to come here after three really good positions will be an important test for us to understand our level. But I believe that with the feeling I have with this bike it can be really good."



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