Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez had no answer to Jerez MotoGP race winner Jorge Lorenzo, with the reigning champion admitting that the 'day belonged to Jorge' after settling for the runner-up spot.

Marquez was riding with an injured little finger in his left hand after a dirt bike training spill, but conceded that Lorenzo had the upper hand in Spain.

"I tried to win but today when I was behind Jorge and I saw the way he was riding, I thought 'okay today is the day for Jorge. My place is second,'" said Marquez.

"I'm really happy because by lap six, seven my finger felt okay, but I was using my right arm more and I started to get some arm pump problems.

"I knew I had to manage this because if not I would be struggling at the end. Then I saw that Valentino [Rossi] was catching me step-by-step and I say, 'okay, it will be like Argentina!' But then I was pushing and I saw that he was struggling to reduce the gap and in the end I was able to keep second," he added.

"I'm so happy for this second place and these 20 points."

Marquez said he was experiencing some discomfort in his finger and compensating right arm throughout the race, but made clear that was not why he was beaten.

"It is only the small finger, but on the brake point it was disturbing me and also the accelerations. But even like this Jorge was extremely fast," he said.

"The power on the left hand was not the same so I used the right arm more. Of course without that maybe we can be faster, but today the finger is not an excuse for the second place. Jorge was faster than us."

Marquez also stated he would not participate in Monday's test to avoid the risk of further injury.

"I will not test. Honda has some things to test to try to improve some problems we have, but at the moment I prefer to try to recover for Le Mans. Because another crash or something and the finger could be worse."

However a few hours later a Honda statement declared that, while "the original plan [was] for Marc not to test, tomorrow morning he will reassess his situation and if possible complete a few laps to test a new swing-arm and give important information to the HRC technicians".

On his relationship with Rossi, which was thrown into the spotlight after the pair tangled in Argentina, with Marquez crashing out of the race, the Honda rider said nothing had changed and said it was irrelevant that he may be battling with two Yamaha riders for the championship this season.

"As we said on Thursday the relationship didn't change. On the racetrack is one thing, and then when we finish the race we can be like always," said Marquez.

"It doesn't matter because in the end, in this championship, okay they are on the same team [Rossi and Lorenzo] but they are working each one in his way and each trying to do their best.

"Of course at Honda the problem is that they only get information in these three races from one rider, but okay for the next races Dani [Pedrosa] will be there I hope. We know where we need to improve and try to be stronger at circuits like this one, with the flowing corners. Qatar and here is where we struggle more."

Marquez said he was unable to compare whether or not the Honda was a more physically demanding machine to ride than his rivals' bikes, although he did admit that any issues are exacerbated by the fact the RC213V 'moves all the time'.

"I don't know because I never rode another bike, but of course the Honda for physical condition is really tough," he said.

"But in the other way, when it is working good, then you are one step in front of the others. But one thing is true is that when we have problems, they are bigger because the bike is moving all the time.

"When you are injured or something it is more difficult. Like here, at the end of the race where I was struggling more was on the straights. More than in the corners," he added.

"Because to keep the wheelie and everything I was struggling a lot. But okay at other circuits it works really good and we need to use this potential in the other circuits."

Marquez also ruled out suggesting Casey Stoner as a replacement for Dani Pedrosa at Le Mans should Pedrosa be ruled out for the fifth successive race.

"No. In the end Hiroshi [Aoyama] is a good rider and he's doing a really good job. Also he is riding in a competitive lap time, to try the things," he said.

"But in the end I know where we need to improve on my side in the pit box. For example Dani is using a completely different bike to my one. So for me it doesn't matter.

"I know what we need to do on my side and just it is not my decision. I'm just looking for my team."



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