After discovering they had gone a step too far with a rear-biased set-up in Sunday's race, MotoGP rookie Eugene Laverty was delighted with the balance struck during Monday's official Jerez test.

The rear bias had helped solve grip problems the Aspar rider had been suffering, but created issues in other areas over a race distance - notably arm pump and a lack of drive once the tyre began moving around.

The Irishman lowered his best race lap time by 0.6s to finish 15th on the Monday timesheets, despite a fall.

"I'm surprised we completed 73 laps, because a crash at midday lost us some time," Laverty said.

"We've worked hard today, basically focusing on improving the rear setup. As I mentioned yesterday, for the race we found productive solutions but they were a little aggressive, and that harmed me in other areas.

"Today we worked to find a more balanced bike, and the findings have been fantastic.

"Finally, after an entire weekend here, we have discovered how to get more grip with the rear and how to find a balance for the bike. We have solved the problem that has plagued us at the first few races of the year, and now we know which way to go.

"The mechanics have also worked on traction control, which we still continue to develop, but we liked what we tested today."

Just as in the race, Laverty's team-mate Nicky Hayden was one place ahead on the timesheets.

"Today was a positive day in which we improved our times and our feeling," he said. "After 73 laps we have drawn many conclusions - some positive and others less so - but the overall verdict for the day is satisfactory. The team did a great job despite the accumulated fatigue of the whole GP weekend.

"Today the solutions allowed me to overcome the 1:40 barrier and improve my times from qualifying. In addition, with the hard tyre I was significantly faster than I was over the weekend. In yesterday's race we suffered a lot under braking, and this was something we improved a lot today.

"Obviously we always have work still to do, but all the information gathered today could be very useful at Le Mans."

Former champion Hayden finished in the top 15 in America, with Laverty still chasing his first MotoGP points.



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