Leader of every lap at the last four MotoGP races, Jorge Lorenzo says he currently lacks the speed and pace to be competitive in the Dutch MotoGP encounter at Assen.

The Spaniard wasn't satisfied with the level of grip offered by the type of medium rear tyre Bridgestone has selected for the Dutch round as he rode to the sixth fastest time on the opening day.

A rider who has won just one MotoGP race here - in his first premier class championship year in 2010 - Lorenzo feels his technicians need to tame the M1's tendencies to wheelie on corner exit as well as finding a solution for the lack of edge grip.

"I'm not fast over one lap and I don't have a good pace," he said. "This is the truth of today. Why? I don't feel very comfortable on the bike in some areas. In some acceleration the bike is having so much wheelie. We need to solve this. In some braking I can not enter as I want.

"Also Bridgestone bring the tyre without the extra edge [grip]. So for sure this doesn't give me an advantage. But we know it's the same tyre as everyone. They decided to bring it here and we have to work on these tyres."

Lorenzo and team-mate Valentino Rossi used the morning and afternoon to test Yamaha's new chassis, which they had previously sampled in Aragon on the week after the previous round.

Come the afternoon, Lorenzo had both of his bikes fitted with the new frame as he sought to compare vastly different set ups with it.

"For the moment we decided to put the new chassis in both bikes because we wanted to compare a very different setting. If we didn't make this we would get frustrated or not find a way. With the same chassis and the different set up I could compare better which one is better."

However the man who currently sits just one point behind championship leader Rossi was more focussed on tyre performance, stating the rear rubber chosen for Assen causes his bike to move around a lot more than usual.

"With these tyres I always have a little bit more problem than normal. I feel these tyres create a lot of spinning so the bike is moving much more and you have to be more careful in some corners.

"Some riders it looks like they are better because they don't need to use this compound in the corners. They are slower in this area. Also these tyres we've also made a good race in the past, like in Mugello and Silverstone. We need to try and improve the bike."

Lorenzo also stated that he has yet to try the harder rear tyre compound. "I still didn't try the hard one. Some riders tried it. They say they lose a little bit of potential to make one, two or three laps."

His lack of feel coincided with Rossi's surprising speed on the first day while the Repsol Hondas of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez appeared more comfortable, ending the day in first and second.

Asked whether he feels Saturday's race will be more complicated than the previous four, Lorenzo said, "It could be like this. Or not if we solve our problems. For sure one thing I feel is that it's a bit more competitive than the rest of the tracks.

"Maybe the Hondas have made one step forward. A little bit that we didn't find the best set up and the feel of the tyres made this change of performance. I'm confident I'm going to go a lot to solve the problems. If it's not like that we have to fight and be consistent for all the race.

"I'm hoping to solve all my problems and much more competitive. This is my aim for tomorrow. We are not so far. We are just two tenths slower than the others. But we arrive here with some more problems than the last four races. It's a long championship and you can go through these situations. You don't ride along and there are so many things that influence your problems."



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