MotoGP team-mates and title rivals Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo would welcome the chance for F1 star Lewis Hamilton to try the Yamaha M1.

Hamilton recently reiterated his love of motorcycles and desire to one day ride a MotoGP prototype.

On Thursday at Indianapolis, Rossi responded: "Yeah, sometimes I speak with Hamilton, because he comes to some MotoGP.

"He always says to me he wants to come, also to [my] ranch and try the motorcycle, but I say to him: 'You ride a motorcycle, or you have to start from zero?' But he said that he has good skill, he rides a 450 [motocross bike] and everything.

"You know, need a little bit of experience before try the MotoGP. But our bike is very easy, so we try to kill a little bit of power and for sure is good if Lewis will try the M1."

Lorenzo added: "Like Valentino says, Lewis is very passionate about motorcycles. I think he rides some motocross, so with pleasure I will lend my M1 to him - maybe with a big insurance!"

Rossi, Lorenzo and Hamilton are all sponsored by Monster.


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