Dani Pedrosa believes a run of 'stable results' are possible after a midseason test in Misano brought about improvements to his 2015 Honda RC213V.

The Spaniard claimed to have made improvements with rear tyre endurance at a test in Misano, a trait that had proved to be one of the machine's weak points in the first half of 2015.

Along with endurance, Pedrosa also felt the rear of the bike now enjoys greater feel on both corner entry and exit.

"It was positive in general to have a little bit of time because you normally have to do some changes or risky changes that you cannot take the risk in a GP," said Pedrosa. "Finally we came up with some ideas that can help with the endurance of the rear tyre. To have a little bit better feeling with the rear when we go into the turn and out of the turn. We changed some bike balance and things like this."

Pedrosa confirmed that he will continue using the chassis and swingarm combination which brought him a season best second place last time out this weekend.

Along with changes to bike set-up, Pedrosa had the opportunity to try Honda's 2016 prototype.

"It's still important to do it because it's quite important to be in front of things. Even though it's a prototype we had a little test and it's good to already have some feeling. Next year the bike change a lot because of the tyre change so it's hard to say if it's good or bad because we don't have the correct tyres on the bike. It's not the final version of the bike but it's always positive to say which direction we must go. More there or more there or less."

When asked about his aims for the second half of 2016 Pedrosa feels posting a succession of consistent results is important after injury and set-up issues limited him to two podium finishes in the first nine races.

"To try and be in the front fighting for podiums and victories because in the first part it was a little bit shaky all the things. It's important now to get some stable results and some stable feeling on the bike. We hope to achieve that."



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