Reigning MotoGP champion Marc Marquez was convincingly beaten by Jorge Lorenzo at Brno, but still moved a little closer to the top of the standings.

Marquez threatened Lorenzo for the opening ten laps of the race, before the Yamaha rider pulled away for a 4.5s victory.

"Today Jorge was one step in front of us," confessed Marquez, who had been able to launch a late victory pass on the Yamaha rider one week earlier at Indianapolis. "We already saw in the warm-up, when he was maybe two steps in front.

"But in the race we tried to take the risk in the first laps. Tried to push at the limit and I was able to follow him for seven-eight laps, but when the rear tyre dropped I started to have these problems on grip and acceleration.

"So I said, 'OK it is time to try to control the distance with Valentino', because I took a lot of risks at the beginning, but in the middle of the race it became too much."

Marquez duly held Valentino Rossi at bay by six-seconds.

"I'm happy because Brno is one of the circuits that we struggle more and one of the most difficult for us," Marquez said. "We knew before coming here that this is one of the most difficult tracks in the second part of the season for us and we saw in FP1 we were 0.8-1.0s per lap slower than Jorge.

"Then we reduced this distance and in the race even though it was difficult to be with him, we tried. Tracks will arrive where we are able to win, but where that is impossible it is correct and smart to finish on the podium."

While Lorenzo is now tied with team-mate Rossi at the top of the standings, Marquez has moved from 56 to 52 points behind with seven rounds to go. Marquez has never lost a MotoGP title since joining the class in 2013, but admits it's getting more and more difficult to salvage this year's crown.

"It's really far," he said. "It is really difficult to catch 52-points from one rider and even more difficult to catch 52-points from two riders. Both of them have a really good pace and like we saw here, both of them are on the podium again.

"So it will be really difficult, but we will try to do our best, try to understand during the weekends how is our bike and what is our weak point to work on for next year."

But that doesn't mean he will be backing off.

"Like here we will take the risk until we see the limit. Like I say Brno was one of the most difficult for Honda and our problems and for my riding style. Now are coming circuits that should be better, but also Jorge is strong at Silverstone."

With Lorenzo having led every race lap during his five race victories this year, beating the Spaniard into turn one is the first battle.

"We start well off the line, but then when we put the gears - also in acceleration - we have a lot of wheelie and this is basically one of the biggest problems," Marquez explained. "With this wheelie also the bike is really physical for the arms but we are trying to work, but for next season. For this season it will be like this."



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