John McPhee reversed his fortunes from morning to afternoon by riding to a fine top-six Moto3 finish at Silverstone hours after a disastrous morning warm-up session.

The Scot languished in 25th place at the close of morning warm-up as a lack of wet set-up time gave him 'no feeling, no confidence' in the rain.

However subsequent changes, where the RTG Honda outfit reverted the machine to what the 21-year old prefers in the rain, proved timely for the race.

Ending the first lap in 18th, McPhee took time to get accustomed to the revamped settings but once up to speed, began picking riders off on his way to sixth, a place he reached by lap 15.

Considering the predicament he faced on Sunday morning, McPhee was satisfied with his wet weather riding and the continuation of his recent run, which has seen him bag 36 points in the last three rounds.

"I was cold, wet and miserable when I came back in but it was a strange race really," he said. "We started off from the beginning not knowing how to feel. Warm-up was a disaster. We had no feeling, no confidence with the bike. We made big changes for the race - more what we usually use in the rain.

"It took me a few laps to get used to it. I didn't really know how the bike was going to react and I was trying to find the grip while fighting with other people at the same time. Lap by lap I managed to build the rhythm and get quicker. I actually had more pace to push towards the front. We've got to be happy with the sixth position. It could have been better but it could have been a lot worse as well. For today I think sixth is the best job we could have done."

McPhee admitted to having moments with the rear on every lap as grip was a constant issue in worsening conditions. Asked if he opted to try and stay calm at the beginning of the race, he insisted he pushed as hard as possible as soon as the flag dropped.

"For that race I went in thinking let's go as fast as possible. There's not much to lose but a lot to gain if we go for it. I just had to push as much towards the front as I could not really know how the bike was going to react. Thankfully we did make a step between warm-up and the race that was feeling better for me. We were just too far back to challenge anyone in the last few laps.

"On this bike I've done ten laps in the rain. It was not a lot. Obviously you need to do a bit of testing to get the wet setting but without having any preseason we were on the back foot going into warm-up. To come away with sixth position we've got to be happy with that."



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