Despite its stop-and-go nature, the Motegi circuit is one of the least demanding on MotoGP rear tyres.

As such, Bridgestone has tweaked its rear tyre allocation for its final home Japanese race.

"For this year's Japanese Grand Prix we have changed our rear tyre allocation slightly, with the hardest rear option this weekend - the symmetric medium compound rear slick - being softer than last year's medium rear slick for better cornering performance," Bridgestone's Shinji Aoki explained.

"The extra-soft rear slick will also be offered to open-class riders at Motegi; the first time this tyre has been in our allocation since the French Grand Prix at Le Mans."

In summary, the Factory Honda and Yamaha riders will have the asymmetric soft and symmetric medium rear slicks to chose from. The rest of the field has access to the asymmetric extra-soft and soft compound rear slicks.

All riders have Soft, Medium and Hard compound front tyres.

Michelin is replacing Bridgestone as exclusive MotoGP tyre supplier from 2016.



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