Perceived inconsistencies in the rules governing MotoGP must be eradicated, say premier class stars Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo.

The pair were speaking in the context of the punishment handed down to Valentino Rossi after the Movistar Yamaha rider was adjudged by Race Direction to have caused Marc Marquez's crash at Sepang in Sunday's Malaysian MotoGP by 'irresponsible riding'.

Rossi received three penalty points and will have to start the final world championship race from the back of the grid at Valencia in Spain after accumulating four points following an infraction at Misano earlier this season, when the Italian was deemed to have spoiled a qualifying lap by Jorge Lorenzo.

Sepang race winner Pedrosa says the MotoGP rulebook has too many grey areas, resulting in discrepancies when it comes to applying penalties for infringements on the track.

"The problem that I see, okay - there are many opinions today - but personally things that I have seen happen in the past and talking with Race Direction many times, not only in MotoGP but in Moto2 and Moto3, the rulebook is grey," said Pedrosa.

"If these actions happen, you never know how to judge it. In the case of Formula 1 in the case of one accident, they know who is right or who is wrong; in this action they know who is wrong and who is right.

"They can say if it is good or bad, 'the rulebook says this', so they must stick to the rules. But in our rulebook, it's very grey and especially for the Moto3 guys and Moto2 guys, we see many stupid actions... and they don't penalise when they are young.

"When they come to the next class: bigger bikes, more dangerous, it's a more difficult problem to fix," he added. "In my opinion, the rulebook should be more exact on what is or is not [right and wrong]."

An aggrieved Lorenzo agreed with one journalist in the post-race press conference that the opportunity was present to black-flag Rossi after the clash with Marquez or impose a ride-through penalty, which the Majorcan feels would have been a more fitting punishment alongside disqualification from the result altogether.

"I share your opinion," said the 28-year-old. "I share your opinion - ride-through, black flag, but something [more] because I take a lot of risk in these conditions because I saw on the board that Valentino was behind, so I could crash and lose the championship today.

"I think the International Federation [FIM] in this case should make something to make the decision more fair and I hope this happens," he added.

"I think if another rider make exactly the same type of manoeuvre of what Valentino did today he will be much more penalised, I'm sure.

"Or maybe now because of this decision they cannot do, but I'm sure if another rider did what Valentino did he would be minimum: a ride-through, minimum a black flag or minimum a race disqualification. I am disappointed."



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