For Herve Poncharal, boss of the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team, double MotoGP champion Marc Marquez's season was a "big disappointment".

But that doesn't diminish what the Spaniard brings to the sport through his all-out riding style.

While Poncharal, whose team has been in grand prix since 1990, also loves the sublime smoothness of Jorge Lorenzo and excitement generated by Valentino Rossi, Marquez's ability to instantly 'wow' onlookers remains unparalleled.

"For me, Marquez is still the most exciting guy to watch. He is the type of rider I love to watch because everything is too much. But this is what we love," Poncharal told "I think Marquez is as fast as Jorge, but the way they develop that performance is so different.

"With Jorge, if you didn't have a stopwatch you'd think he was warming up the tyres! But when you see Marc, you say 'f**k!' Every single corner he looks like he is going to crash. You think nobody in the world can go faster and this is so exciting.

"I love to watch Jorge riding because he is so clean and technical. But you have to be a connoisseur to appreciate it.

"But Marc, anybody - even if they are 75 years old and have never ridden on two-wheels - can look at the action on TV, especially with the incredible job Dorna is doing in slow motion, and 'wow!' It's a show. For that, he is our best ambassador for MotoGP because this guy is a volcano! Unbelievable. So I love to watch Marc and I think he has brought a lot to our sport."

2015 was a year to forget for Marquez, whose hopes of a third straight title were extinguished by a series of falls from the unruly Repsol Honda. He eventually finished a distant third behind Yamaha stars Lorenzo and Rossi.

"As Marc says, he has learnt from his mistakes. Actually I'm not so sure because after some of his crashes this year he'd say 'I've learnt' and the next race or a few races later he'd crash again!" Poncharal smiled. "I think the riders on the final championship podium, one-two-three [Lorenzo, Rossi, Marquez], were clearly the best, the fastest and most exciting guys to watch."

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