Brno's place on the 2016 MotoGP calendar has been confirmed following meetings between Dorna and the Czech Grand Prix Association.

Although a new five-year deal was announced back in August, Brno was listed as 'subject to contract' on the provisional 2016 calendar.

But Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and representatives of the newly formed Czech Grand Prix Association - Mayor Brno Petr Vok?l and the President of the South Moravian Region Michal Ha?ek - signed a promotion agreement on Monday.

This appears to have been the final piece in the puzzle and 'ensures' MotoGP will continue at Brno until at least 2020.

"A year ago, not only was it hazy outside but the future arrangement of Grand Prix was hazy as well. I am glad that we have found a way to arrange MotoGP in Brno. The breakpoint was the last year's agreement to establish the Association, which would have public support. I would also like to thank Mr Ezpeleta for his extraordinary patience, which enabled the conclusion of the agreement. Now, it guarantees that Moto GP will be held in Brno for next 5 years," said Vok?l.

Ezpeleta added: "Signing of this agreement is one of the most important acts as far as the World Championship of Motorcycle Road Racing is concerned. It is very important for our company, which arranges those races, that the Brno Circuit is a part of the racing for the following years. This agreement deals with all the unresolved questions about the holding of races in the past years."

Brno hosted its first GP in 1965 and boasted last season's biggest crowd with 138,752 race day fans and a weekend total of 248,434 spectators, yet has still been dogged by financial issues in recent years.

The 2016 round will be held on August 21.

With Brno confirmed, Jerez - the second most highly attended round - now remains the only event 'subject to contract' on the provisional calendar.



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