Suter may have officially withdrawn from the Moto2 World Championship, but Ioda's Efren Vazquez is still optimistic of a successful debut season using the Swiss chassis.

"Suter are not in the championship like a constructor, but in some ways this is even better for me because I am the only rider who uses Suter for this season so they try to give me 100%," Vazquez told the official MotoGP website.

"Also I will try to do some development on the new chassis. For this season I have to work really hard to get the best bike for the coming years."

The 125GP/Moto3 veteran added: "My first target I think is to try and be as close as I can to the points. That's the first thing, then if we are strong in the beginning of the season maybe we have to push the target up a bit. At the moment 15th place is what we have to fight for."



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